As service we can offer you:

  • Plate pickling

  • Cut-to-length sheet

  • Transport

Sheet & plate pickling

Sheets & plates can be pickled with short lead times. This is possible for sheet & plate in black condition, but also for material that has been pickled (and oiled) before and need reconditioning. After pickling, a protection oil can be applied with high precision.

  • Thickness 4,0 - 30,0 mm
  • Width 1000 - 2000 mm
  • Length max. 8000 mm
  • Oil 0,5 - 2,5 grams/m2

Cut-to-length sheet

If we have the desired quality in stock as coil, with the correct thickness and width, we can have the desired length cut.

  • max. length 16000 mm
  • mill- or trimmed edges
  • unpackaged or packaged - ask for the various packaging options

Dimensional tolerances, flatness, surface quality and flexibility can be guaranteed by working with the best, high-quality partners.


The choice is yours:

  • you take care of the loading and transport from our warehouse (FCA - Free Carrier - Incoterms 2020)
  • we take care of the transport for you, based on CPT (Carriage Paid To - Incoterms 2020)

Any other wishes?

We like to be challenged. Feel free to ask what we, together with the specialists in our network, can do for you.